Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the fees associated with publishing an article? Specifically, I would like to know about the article’s Article Publication Charges (APC).
As an open-access journal that operates without subscription fees, the author or research funder must pay Article Processing Charges (APC) to cover the expenses associated with the publication process. For more detailed information about APC, please visit the APC Policy of the journal. 

What are the procedures and requirements for obtaining a fee waiver for an article?
For authors who are based in lower-middle-income economies with a gross domestic product of less than 200 billion US dollars in 2020 or are from classified countries, a 10% discount/ waiver in the article processing charge (APC) is applicable. For more detailed information, please visit the APC waiver and Discount Policy.

How can I get detailed information regarding journal indexing and abstracting?
Authors can get detailed information regarding indexing and abstracting from the indexing and abstracting section/page.

What is the minimum timeframe required for an article’s indexing and abstracting process, and What would be the approximate time duration for indexing the article in the indexing database?
The responsibility of adding an article to a specific indexing and abstracting database, like Scopus, lies with the database’s team. The journal or publishing house is not involved in the decision-making process of accepting or rejecting an article for the database. Additionally, the journal or publishing house does not influence the processing time required to add an article to the indexing database.

Can you explain the technical requirements and procedures involved in submitting an article? I’d like to know what specific details must be handled during submission.

The Article Submission System facilitates authors to submit articles electronically throughout the year. Authors can format their article either in (i) a single-column format or (ii) as per the journal template. The submitted articles should not have been previously published or are currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. The journal does not accept brief or short notes for publication. All articles must fall within the journal’s scope and will undergo a double-anonymized peer-review process. Authors must confirm that they have read and understood the content of their submitted article and ensure that it meets acceptable English grammar and usage standards. To help with the proofreading process, authors can use tools like Grammarly or similar applications. For more detailed information, please visit the Guidelines for Authors section.

What is the peer-review methodology employed by the journal?
The submitted articles to the journal undergo an intense double-anonymized peer-review process to ensure their quality and academic merit. Both authors and reviewers are kept anonymous throughout the process to ensure impartiality and objectivity. Pursuing a consultation with the reviewers, the editorial team decides to accept or reject articles for publication and determines any additional requirements that may be necessary. The conditions are determined based on the technical rigour and quality of the articles in question. For more detailed information, please visit the journal’s Peer-Review Policy.

What is the Aim and Scope of the journal?
Authors can get detailed information regarding the Aim and Scope of the journal from the Aim and Scope section of the website.

What is the expected turnaround time for receiving an acknowledgement after submitting an article??
The author will receive an acknowledgement of the submitted article within 24 hours. The author may contact us for further assistance if the acknowledgement still needs to be received. This acknowledgement will serve as a confirmation of the successful submission of the article.

What is the estimated time duration of the complete article review process?
The article review process can vary between 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the intricacies of the reviewer’s evaluation process. For more detailed information, please visit the journal’s Peer-Review Policy.

Does the submission of an article require the provision of a copyright form?
Submitting copyright is not a mandatory requirement during article submission. You only need to consent to the originality and scope of the article in the cover letter, which is already available in the Article Submission System. Once your article is accepted, you will receive a notification regarding the necessary supporting documents, including copyright.

Will the journal issue a DOI for the published articles?
Yes, the journal will assign a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to each published article.

Which specific publishing methods does the journal employ?
The articles published in the journal are fully open-access and follow the CC-BY license (CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0) for publishing articles, the preferred open-access standard in the industry, endorsed by funders. For more detailed information, please visit the Open-Access Policy.

Is English the sole language used for publishing all articles?
The authors are responsible for producing articles written exclusively in English. The journal strictly adheres to publishing articles written only in English and does not consider anything in any other language.

What is the process of viewing the version history of published articles?
The archive section contains the complete publication history of the articles.

Could you compose an article suited for a technically proficient audience capable of comprehending intricate details?
Unfortunately, the journal does not offer any services related to creating articles. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Can I retroactively publish an article with a past date (backdate)?
Regrettably, it is not feasible to carry out the requested action. Doing so would violate the established ethical principles of the publishing industry.

Can minor alterations be made to a previously published article?
The corresponding author can submit the Content Updation Form for minor modifications to the published articles, such as rectifying the author’s name or affiliation. For more detailed information, please read the Correction and Retraction Policy.