The acknowledgement section of a publication serves the purpose of giving due credit to those individuals who have contributed towards the work but still need to meet the criteria for authorship [1]. This section helps to recognise the technical expertise of such individuals who may have played a notable role in shaping the result of the work [3]. In addition to the authorship details, authors may provide information about the funding sources in this section [2]. A recommended practice for authors is to allocate a distinct location for acknowledgements after their article, positioned immediately preceding the references section. In research, it is advisable to acknowledge people who offered language, writing, or proofreading assistance in the article. Such individuals are essential in ensuring the final article is error-free and understandable to the target audience. Excluding these individuals from the footnote or other relevant pages is advisable.

Kindly avoid disclosing any details regarding potential conflicts of interest or funding sources that may have an economic impact on or profit from this publication. If the funds or grants received fall under the scope of the acknowledged grant, authors may provide specific details about the funding in the designated format provided.

The ABC {author’s name} has acknowledged the support received for their research work from XYZ {funder name}, which includes the grant numbers 1234123, URL {online available information if any}.


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